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The ingredients in Chien & Co Petcare products have been carefully selected.  Chien & Co Petcare products are guaranteed to be more than 96% natural and free from parabens, sulphates, phosphates, petrochemicals and animal fats. We have an in-house vet and many years of experience understanding the best grooming care for dogs.

We provide full transparency of every ingredient that goes into our products on our product labels. Our products are safe for the owner, the pet, and the environment.

Our factory has British manufacturing factory certifications to provide full reassurance for all our products. Not only they are BRC (Consumer Products Certification, certified but are also part of the BCMPA (British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association  and a BACS member (British Association for Chemical Specialities,

The main ingredient within our products is water (aqua); therefore, we need to have a preservative to make the products self-stable. We have 3-4% ‘nature identical’ preservatives, which are synthetically made (therefore not natural) that preserve our shampoos. We have found that natural preservatives are not long lasting and generally ineffective. We use synthetic fragrances that are assessed for their safety. The reason is that these have proven to be more stable and stronger smelling than essential oils etc.

Because your dog’s skin is much more sensitive than a human baby’s skin. Human skin has a much more acidic pH, around 5.2- 5.5, while the dog has a skin pH that tends to be neutral or mildly alkaline, around 7-7.5. Chien & Co Petcare products are pH balanced with the goal to be very gentle and perfectly suited for your dog’s fur. Our experience and use in dogs have shown that they do not leave residue or cause itching, dryness, or dandruff.

Chien & Co Petcare products centre around a 3-step expert grooming process: 1) shampooing 2) conditioning 3) fragrance, we recommend using all 3 steps to ensure the best results for your dog.

Our shampoos contain 97% natural ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals, so they are gentle enough to be used as often as your dog needs! You can also use them to wash their feet every now and then after a walk on a rainy day.

Our deep cleansing aloe and avocado shampoo is supplied in a concentrated format and should be diluted before use. Dilute the shampoo 10:1 adding 1 part shampoo (100mls) to 10 parts waters (1000ml). For best results use warm water to dilute. A 250ml bottle of Chien & Co Petcare deep cleansing aloe and avocado equals 2.5L of shampoo!

The benefits of this is that your shampoo lasts far longer than a regular pet shampoo and is therefore better value for you. A 250ml bottle should give you at least 10 washes for a small dog (5-10kg) and 6 washes for a large dog (20-35kg).

There is no single answer to this question! There are too many variables to provide an estimate (Coat length, Breed, Activity Level etc.).

Our products leave a pleasing, fresh, fragrance on the coat. Dogs do not like intense smells on them. For that reason, they are subtle, and we promise you will not get an overpowering fragrance either on your dogs or in your house.

This is our unique 2 in 1 product which contains natural ingredients instead of the harmful silicones that are contained in many detangling products. It can be used on a wet or dry coat before bathing. Simply spray on the mats or tangles, work in with fingers and the hairs will separate so that you can comb the tangles out. This product does not need to be rinsed off, it can safely stay on the coat. The added benefit is also fur conditioning.

Yes, all of our products are compatible with topical spot-on flea products. However, as with every type of shampoo, it is vet recommended to use the products 72 hours before or following the topical flea application. If your dog has an oral flea treatment, they can be washed at any time.

Yes, you can! It is vet recommended to start using any type of shampoo at puppies over 12 weeks old. Using it earlier is not advisable when puppies are still with their mum. It is not about safety for the dog it is all about how the puppies and mothers use scent to locate each other and communicate.

These products have been formulated specifically for dogs and their delicate fur. Cats have different and extremely sensitive skin. We recommend using cat specific shampoos.

Chien & Co Petcare products have been carefully designed by our in-house vet and co-founder Dr Agnes! Dr Agnes has over 11 years of experience and special interest in preventative health. She has done a lot of research to thoroughly understand the best grooming solution for your dog.  The response to Chien & Co Petcare in veterinary surgeries and pet and grooming shops has been positive. We are proud to be getting testimonials of thanks from vets and groomers themselves!

No! None of our products are tested on animals. Chien & Co Petcare is a Cruelty Free brand.


Please email us at: and we will get back to you as soon as we can to help!

If you are a groomer, please email us to get a pre-order and get advantage of our first-time buyer 20% discount.

Absolutely! Our Aloe and Avocado deep cleansing shampoo dilutes 10:1, generating one whole litre of product from just 100ml of shampoo. 10:1 is the ideal concentration, while still retaining the gorgeous avocado fresh odour.

The Chien & Co Aloe and Avocado shampoo contains ‘’no sulphates’’, which can strip the hair of natural oils, leaving the fur dry. Sulphates are a cost-effective way to produce foam in shampoos that can create the illusion that a product has superior cleaning properties.  Our shampoo creates a creamy lather, which thoroughly cleans the coat and rinses out easily leaving no residue. Foam and bubbles do not actually clean the dog’s coat, instead they take a long time to rinse out and almost always leave a chemical residue which can blunt scissor blades for example.

Yes, Chien & Co shampoo is perfect for use in hydro baths as it does not over-foam. Just one pump of shampoo is plenty to create a lovely lather and your peace of mind. Another advantage is that there are no chemicals to build up residue in the pipes!

Yes, absolutely. We know that some knots are so deep that you cannot magically untangle them! Used in combination with our shampoo, the conditioner and detangler, it will greatly reduce the risk of red or itchy skin. It is a 2 in 1 product that helps to untangle the knots gently and soothes your pet’s skin.

All of our shampoos are protected by a wonderful natural preserving system and have an unopened 24-month shelf life.

We currently sell small bottles in a 250ml size, which contain the same product as the 2.5 Litre Bottles and dilute at 10:1. This bottle size will be enough for at least 10 washes for a small dog and 6 washes for a large dog.

Chien & Co products contain absolutely no Parabens, Sulphates, Phosphates, These chemicals, which can be found in many shampoos, can have bad effects:

Parabens are preservatives, which stop chemical shampoos from going ‘off’. The concern with these chemicals is that scientific studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body and harm fertility and reproductive organs, affect birth outcomes, and increase the risk of cancer. They can also cause skin irritation.

Phosphates replace soap in a lot of ‘soap free’ products to enhance cleaning powers but it can leak into our water bodies destroying aquatic life and causing water pollution.

Sulphates: Some pet shampoo manufacturers may claim sulphates remove oil and dirt from a dog’s skin, but they are chemicals that can cause problems. Redness, skin irritation, itching, dryness and stripping the skin of its natural oils are all side effects of using sulphates.


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