Follow Chien & Co’s 3 step expert Pet grooming formula

The ultimate dog care bundle has landed from Chien & Co pet care. Our three step formula embedded with wheat PROTEINS and NATURAL ingredients is trusted by vets and will have your best friend feeling fresh and clean until the next groom. Trusted by vets, loved by pets. Vet inspired by Dr Agnes.

1. Begin With Shampoo


First, brush your dog's coat to loosen and remove any debris. Apply shampoo throughout the coat, work into a lather, then rinse. Our shampoo will remove dirt and residue cosmetics from the coat, and added vitamin B5 creates shine, softness and strength!

An advanced formula that penetrates the coat to target, loosen and remove stubborn dirt and odours, it leaves even the thickest dog coat smelling clean and fresh.

Leave in Detangler & Conditioner for Dogs

Achieve coat perfection with our outstanding detangler & conditioner to eliminate unruly tangles, moisturise and condition the coat.

Our conditioner moisturises both skin & coat. Aloe vera locks moisture back to the skin and wheat proteins supercharge hair conditioning. To be used on both wet and dry hair and does not need to be rinsed out.

2. Continue With Conditioner

3. Finish With Fragrance

Blueberry Fragrance Mist for Dogs

Complete our full fur care routine with a spritz or two of our signature fragrance! The long lasting blueberry scent is loved by dogs and owners alike to freshen fur by neutralising pet odour all day long. You will be tempted to use it too!

A natural, long-lasting gorgeous scent for that finishing wow factor for your best friend. Great at neutralising pet odour between baths, and giving the coat a fresh scent that lasts for days. You will want to use it too!

"We want every pet parent and vet to have access to the best advice and products, wherever they need it"


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